ill Imperial

Chaos Jester

 ill Imperial is what we call the war between the common working man (Nevermind Rebels) and the few, the rich and powerful (Absolute Kings), for the amusement of a blood thirsty God (Chaos Jester). This conflict is eternal and we all have our part to play.

We make a concept album every 2 years. Our lives are always changing so does the music that we create. Take a journey through time with music that we love and as always: Nevermind Absolute Chaos!


Chaos Jester - Eternal Diety interfering with humanity only to cause more conflict. He is a mischievous puppetieer, pulling our strings for a mere laugh. We are but pawns and kings in his epic chess game, a game where he makes the rules; there appear to be none.

Bio: Joe Schairer was born in the mighty land of New Jersey in 1984. He started playing music in the 4th grade, learning to play the Violin and the Viola, but It wasn't until he got behind a drum set that Joe found his true calling. He was in a Hardcore Metal Band called "Mortal Atrocity" untill 2008. Joe joined ill Imperial in 2015. 

ill Imperial : Alt-Hip-Hop Band Est. 2004
5 Themed Concept Albums ( 1 Full Record & 4 Ep's )

  • Dennis Park - Vocals
  • MC Brod - Vocals
  • Joe Schairer - Drumms

Not Signed // No Label

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