ill Imperial



Hey guys,  

We are writing a Graphic Novel based on the concept of ill Imperial, involving our Characters (The Rebel, The King and The Jester) and creating an entire World for them to interact in. The idea is to write the script for 'Volume I' of the Novel and then use Kickstarted to fund the Artist illustration. We are putting our hart and soul in to this Novel, just like our music, so we want the art to reflect it :)

We hope this "Pitch" peaks your interest :) Stay tuned!


Our story takes place in a dystopian realm.  The characters are real (Ill Imperial), the drama is eternal (the human condition), and the world is a stage (The Bowl).


The Rebel is recruiting an army to overthrow The King for the injustices he has caused to The Realm.  The King has put a price on the Rebel's head for the murder of his beloved younger sister, Lily, who was betrothed in secret to the Rebel (7 years ago).  Once a top general in the King's army and his most trusted adviser, the Rebel is now an enemy of the State.  He has sworn vengeance upon the monarch for imprisoning his family as punishment for the events that occurred on the night of The Blood Moon.  On that tragic night, the Rebel and Lily had a secret wedding knowing full well they did not receive the King's blessing.  Upon hearing word of this forbidden union, the King rushed to the chapel only to find the Rebel, alone, with Lily's mangled body in his arms.  Thus began the War.

The hidden hand that set all this in motion was that of a blood-thirsty demigod, The Chaos Jester.  The Jester thrives on upsetting the balance of human powers at play and he has chosen The Rebel and The King as the main pawns in his devious game.  

There are many others players in The Realm.  From the hardened gangster (Don Vega) that controls the center of The Bowl, to the elusive guardian of The Wyld (Bulberwolf) that surrounds it, to the pyschopathic concubine (Orchid) that mended the King's heart, and to the alluring assassin (Oleander) that stole The Rebel's.