ill Imperial

Nevermind Rebels

 ill Imperial is what we call the war between the common working man (Nevermind Rebels) and the few, the rich and powerful (Absolute Kings), for the amusement of a blood thirsty God (Chaos Jester). This conflict is eternal and we all have our part to play.

We make a concept album every 2 years. Our lives are always changing so does the music that we create. Take a journey through time with music that we love and as always: Nevermind Absolute Chaos!


Dennis Park - Lord Commander of the "Nevermind" Rebel Army. He is the voice of the common man that has been robbed and oppressed by a corrupt and unjust ruler. He fights for the people because their plight is his own. There are whispers of a tragedy at the hands of the king. They say that is why the Commander's fire burns bright.

Bio: Dennis Park was born in 1986 Soviet Russia. He and his family immigrated to America when he was 13 years old. Dennis stumbled across a music making program called "FL Studio" and has been using it ever since.  He has taken guitar lessons, studied piano in college and graduated with an audio engineering degree.

ill Imperial : Alt-Hip-Hop Band Est. 2004
5 Themed Concept Albums ( 1 Full Record & 4 Ep's )

  • Dennis Park - Vocals
  • MC Brod - Vocals
  • Joe Schairer - Drumms

Not Signed // No Label

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